Wayfarer. Transcendental. Profound

One might never know an artist truly but by knowing their work we learn who they really are. From a tenuous childhood to a volatile youth with world-changing events as the backdrop to them his art reflects these themes and much more.

Incorporating past artistic styles from classic to post-modern, his art embodies them into something distinctive and extraordinary.


The creation and development of the artist’s personal symbols and their synthesis into a new visual entity happened through the contradictory process of painting on canvas and Plexiglas

Canvas - organic material, biologically connected to Man

Plexiglass - artificial material, connected to Man’s idea.

Painting on the surface of canvas (intuitive painting),the paint on the canvas is palpable for the viewer. When observing the paintings on canvas the artist and the viewer occupy, visually communicate, from the same place in relation to the created and observed image.

Painting on Plexiglas from behind, on the backside (counterintuitive painting) making the paint untouchable for the viewer, locked in the clear Plexiglas. The first brush stroke on Plexiglas would be the last brush stroke when painting on canvas. The few millimeters of the thickness of the Plexiglas, that distance, like an image on a computer screen, change the reality of the work. The computer image is coming from someplace else.

This period of his work precedes the computer screen images era by years.

Three drawings 1989
acrylic on canvas, 90x110cm / 36x44in
Icon 1992
acrylic on plexiglass, 126x103cm / 50x41in

A new and crucial event in his artistic development happened in his Charring Cross Road studio in London in 2005. His manifesto painting “Dangerous Desire” was created - the uniting of canvas and plexiglass (Organic and Artificial), the merging of intuitive and counter-intuitive painting into one image. This union created a new dimension in the painting, a new space for the artist to explore.

Dangerous Desire 2005
acrylic on canvas and plexiglas,120x120cm / 48x48in

From abstraction to figurative narrative symbolism

Starting his new Series of paintings “Invasive species” the artist created a surprisingly seamless fusion of bold abstraction and figurative narrative symbolism. With his powerful paintings Mladen Micunovic transfigures his unique abstract style, that he’s known for, into complex and mysterious symbolism so powerful that the greatest symbolist of all time - Odilon Redon comes to mind.

By definition: "An invasive species is one that is not native to a specific location, that is introduced and that has a tendency to spread to a degree believed to cause damage to the environment, human economy or human health. An invasive species can be introduced by human activity-accidental or deliberate. Invasive species exploit disturbances in an ecosystem to colonize an area. The motive for invasive species introduction is economic or for domination”.  

In this series of paintings the artist raises the questions “What if an invasive species not only invaded man's natural surroundings such as air, land, ocean sand rivers, flora and fauna? What if it invaded man himself. Not only physically but on a meta-physical level?”

Mladen Micunovic is looking into the future, is striving to see the hidden and still unintelligible and make it visually coherent and understandable for himself and the viewer, to bring it to our collective consciousness. Visually mapping the process of change as we enter the coming Unknown.

Intruder, 2019
acrylic on canvas, 120x100cm / 47x39in
Presence, 2020
acrylic on plexiglass, 85x110cm / 33x43in
Sinister in the water 2020,
acrylic on canvas, 73x110cm / 28x43in
The Labyrinth 2021
acrylic on canvas, 85x110cm /33x43in

The artist’s themes precede in a prophetic way our contemporary reality. The titles of his paintings are roadmaps for the viewer:

Series of paintings “Antient memories” (Deep blue sea 1989, Legend 1989, Omen 1991, The Lost King 1991, Icon 1992)

Series of paintings “Premonition and Warnings” (Fifth element 1998, Nervous cloud 1998, White sky 1999, Something is coming 2000, Unstoppable 1999, Ouroboros disconnected 2013

Series of paintings “Lust and Love” (Lust over Love 2014, In my heart of hearts 2014, Broken Hearted 2015, Angel wings (Unstoppable II) 2016)

Series of paintings “Invasive species” (Unknown organism 2019, Intruder 2019, Sinister in the water 2020, Presence 2020, The Labyrinth 2021)